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Frequently Asked Questions

How is it possible that I can learn how to dance online? How does it all work?

Thanks to the Internet technology today, people can learn how to dance online! The way it works is quite simple! There is streaming video and audio provided on the website, along with accompanying text teaching you how to dance.

Do the lessons actually work? Are they really effective?

Absolutely! There are many people who benefit from learning to dance online! Here is one of the many success stories from just one of the dance lessons featured on this website:

"I CAN MOONWALK :-) And it only took me ten minutes. Simone is the best."

"Before I came across your website I had absolutely no idea how to moonwalk. So, it�s entirely thanks to you. :-) I love to dance. It makes me feel as if I can handle anything, anytime, anywhere. It makes me feel free. When I watch a music video, I always try out the moves but most of the time the singer/dancer goes too fast. But on your website you make it look simple and it�s fun to do. And with the moonwalk I can do my entrance on the dance floor as they have never seen before."

- Ann Hansen

What are the technical requirements to learn how to dance online on this website?

All you need is a computer with access to the Internet, Speakers for you to hear the instruction and Macromedia Flash Player to view the videos. If you can see the image below, you're set! If not, you will need to download Macromedia Flash Player which can be downloaded for free from Macromedia's website here.

Also, the faster your Internet connection, the faster the video stream. The site is best used with Internet Explorer and a good Internet connection.

Can I request to learn a certain dance move?

You most certainly can! The best place to do that is by subscribing to the newsletter by clicking here.

Do I have to have previous dance experience to benefit from the dance lessons on the website?

Not at all. You do not need any prior dance experience to take the lessons provided on the website.

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